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the preserve

G2LD was proud to be a part of the new fitness facility recently dubbed ‘The Most Beautiful Gym in the World’ by Paper City Magazine and crowned ‘One of the 16 Most Beautiful Luxury Gyms in the World’ by Men’s Journal. With the facility’s slogan being “Nature. Inspired. Fitness’, one of the primary goals was to bring the outside in, increasing the connection between clients and the natural world, even when Houston’s climate calls for full air conditioning. Lighting was a key element in promoting the feeling of daylight throughout the space. Attention was given to light levels, in order to balance the quantity and color temperature levels of daylight from the ample windows, and comfort level—with a diffuse wash being preferred for most areas. One area in which the lighting departed from the natural feel is the Spin Room. In this cardio-centric room, color-changing LEDs, which correspond to the music and wash the space in light, create movement and keep the energy level high.

Overview of the facility recently dubbed ‘The Most Beautiful Gym in the World’. Ample windows help bring the feel of the outside in.

A staggered pattern of modern linear pendants cast light both up, to light the natural wood ceiling, and down, to give ample diffuse light to the patrons and balance the incoming daylight.

An indirect cove light in the locker rooms brings the feeling of natural daylight to the interior space and creates a retreat-like atmosphere.

Diffuse sconces give bright, even illumination to the face at the locker room vanity area.

Diffuse light fills the spa-like locker room and compliments the serene modern aesthetic.

A different experience awaits within the Spin Room, where color-changing LEDs react to changes in the music tempo.

Color changing LEDs allow for an illusion of movement throughout the space, making for an energy-filled sensory experience.

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