matthew geller


art installations



The glass and corten steel circular canopy of a pedestrian shelter is a witty play on both the pedestrian and the sacred: a 19th century illuminated manhole cover enlarged to the size of a Gothic cathedral rose window. The underside of the 14-foot diameter canopy is convex and is thus partially visible from a distance and changes as one approaches the work. The 8-inch diameter circular pieces of hand-cast transparent glass protrude through the ceiling of the canopy. Colored spots of light created by the glass on the pavement below the canopy migrate as the sun moves across the sky and vary in intensity depending on the time of day and the season. At night, a nearby streetlight and a spotlight mounted on the lamppost illuminate the glass and the area under the canopy, allowing the art piece to glow and continue to cast the playful spots of colored light along the sidewalk, even after dark.

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