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G2LD recently saw the completion of the new Gensler Houston office, which we designed with, of course, Gensler. Their new 50,000 sq.ft. office comprises two levels of the 2 Houston Center building downtown. Using their own data about current trends and forward-thinking best practices, Gensler decided to implement what they call agile working, which means people are encouraged to work where best suites their needs. For some that means being near others working on the same project, for others it means finding a nice quiet nook away from distractions, and for others it means working remotely. Though the space was designed pre-Covid, the flexibility of the space and infrastructure for all to work remotely meant they could transition quite smoothly. Designed with LEED Platinum as a goal, the lighting needed to provide ample workplace light levels using a minimal amount of wattage. Keeping the lighting focused on work planes and highlighted areas helped achieve these goals.

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