midtown superblock park pavilion


urban architecture


parks and landscapes



G2LD designed the lighting for this anchoring Pavilion in Houston's new Midtown Superblock Park in addition to lighting for the restrooms and garage circulation. This popular open-air pavilion and stage area provides a flexible space for concerts and performances, public events and other groups. When not in use for events, it serves as a casual gathering spot with movable seating and large fans above overlooking the Rain interactive water feature and great lawn. Color changing LEDs within the roof structure make for an especially eye-catching and dynamic destination point, while corresponding white LED strips downlight from the trusses to create usable light for patrons. Additional aimable lights tuck into the structure to highlight any performers. Linear wallwash help define the massing of the garage stairwell, while the restroom building is lit almost entirely with uplit angled ceiling planes.

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